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DOL All-Star lineup
City Winery
Just added. Back to NYC with Marc, Jeff Kazee, Byron Isaacs and John Morgan Kimock. Dead & Family favs.

DOL All-Star lineup
Keswick Theatre
Glenside, PA
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Dead On Live is excited to return to the Keswick Theater with a special All-Star lineup of Marc Muller, Jimmy McGuigan, Byron Isaacs, John Pittas and Josh Dion for a fun, loose, jam-filled evening of good old Grateful Dead and family favs.

DOL All-Star lineup
Mayo Performing Arts Center
Morristown, NJ
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Kicking off the Halloween weekend with a 10th (11th) anniversary party. Great lineup, Grate tunes!

DOL 10th (+1) Anniversary show!
Count Basie Center for the Arts
Red Bank, NJ
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Old friends and new come together to celebrate our pandemically paused 10th Anniversary Halloween show where it all started!

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Click pic to listen to 2016 Count Basie American Beauty Celebration show
CountB-TerrapinS-4 312px
Click pic to listen to 2015 Basie Terrapin show
Click pic to listen to 2014 Wall Of Sound Show!
Dead on Live – Asbury Park 10-31-14-40
Dead on Live – Asbury Park 10-31-14-41
Erica 4
Happy Marc 312
Black Muddy River encore
Workingman’s Dead / American Beauty
1971: Skull & Roses / Garcia
1972: Europe ’72 / Ace
1973 Compilation
1974 Compilation
Anthem Of The Sun / Bear’s Choice
Blues For Allah and Beyond

About Dead On Live

Multi instrumentalist Marc Muller directs a Note For Note celebration capturing¬† important and beloved periods of the Grateful Dead’s long and illustrious, and stylistically diverse career. He has assembled an impressive cast of world class musicians that have been able to reproduce virtually every note of every instrument, as well as all of the beautifully orchestrated vocal arrangements that are trademarks of the Dead’s classic American recordings, to a level that’s perhaps never been accomplished and performed live in concert before.¬† In keeping with the true spirit of the Grateful Dead, every DOL show also features plenty of jamming and improv that’s sure to keep the kids dancing and shaking their bones!

Thanks again for the support and hope to see you down the road.

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